From its inception, the vision of this organization has always been the development and growth of an International Bass Fishing Organization that excludes no Bass Tournament Angler who is willing to share fishing information on lakes and waterways throughout the world.


International competition. It is the express intent of the IFBBA to encourage all of its members to enter other fishing tournaments in organizations throughout the United States. IFBBA holds membership in Quad State Team Bass Circuit and shares information in the following areas:

• Topo-counter library.

• Lake and river information on seasonal conditions.

• Video Rental or purchasing on lakes and rivers as varied dated subject matter.

• Aid members on fishing unfamiliar waters and in order to qualify for different Regional and National Tournaments.

• Provide updates on tournaments the members participate in.

• Present a quarterly tournament statistics report.

• Annually share in the fellowship of each member at our Fellowship Tournament.

In keeping with the organizational mission statement, the International Friendship Series was developed and implemented in 2003.

History of IFBBA

1995 - IFBBA was created and officially went into operation on November 9th, with 8 members! The Ranger Boat Company became our first corporate sponsor Shimano American Corporation and Bass Pro Shops followed! Ranger was a sponsor up until 2000!

1996 - On May 19-20th on Stockton Lake, and out of Orleans Trail Resort and Marina! The organization hit the 100 member mark at that time, and held it’s first National Bass Tournament! IFBBA joined the American Sport Fishing Association, the Fishing Industry Trade Organization. The second IFBBA National Tournament was held Sept 21-22, on Linn Valley Lake in La Cygne, Kansas.

1997 - Our recruitment campaign pays off with the first article ever on a African American in Bass Masters Magazine March issue. they interviewed Arthur Bronson, IFBBA President/CEO. Over 3000 phone calls were made to the B.A.S.S. office when people had seen the article! The IFBBA began developing tournaments across the USA! Four divisions were created, divisional coordinators were developed! In December, the IFBBA had 1000 members nationwide! International recruitment strategy goes into motion.

1997 - The IFBBA President was contracted out for Black American Outdoors TV Show and Tournament Trail to be their national marketing director. Planned and executed the National BAO Classic! Negotiated with the city of Birmingham, Alabama Ranger Boats an K-mart for over $200,000.00.

1998 - IFBBA developed 25 plus national sponsors, had tournaments in Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, Connecticut and Alabama.

1999 - IFBBA had increased it’s membership up to 2000 members! International members had joined the IFBBA from Cuba, Spain, Italy, and Mexico! The IFBBA as invited to participate and coordinate the Kid’s Fishing Derby for the annual fishing and hunting day that the Missouri department of Conservation hosts each year.

2000 - Triton Bass Boat Company joins the IFBBA Corporate sponsor group.

2001 - IFBBA sponsors it’s first Fisherman Sport and Swap Show at Penn Valley Community College in Kansas city, Missouri 27 exhibitors, the two day show average around 1000 people a day!

2002 - IFBBA has been developing the International Friendship Black Bass tournament series with several country’s sport fishing affiliations.

2003 - IFBBA shifted it’s focus and concentrated on making the Stabor National crappie tournament a success in May on Truman Lake. We also coordinated the weigh-in , the kids fishing derby! the IFBBA spent a week with the Cuban Sport Fishing Federation in April, with the understanding that they will be the first host country for the friendship series tournament at Lake Hanabanilla in Las Villas, Cuba for the 2004 season.

2004 - IFBBA was invited to the All Star International Cup Bass tournament in March in Johannesburg, South Africa, on the Vaal River! 3-teams from IFBBA participated. Affiliates from 12 countries have joined the IFBBA, bringing it’s membership to over 105,800 members world wide!

2005 - IFBBA held it's 10th Anniversary and 3rd International Friendship Series tournament April 20-24, 2005 on Lake of the Ozarks at Runaway 2 resort. 23 teams participated, four of them from the countries of Mexico, Canada, South Africa and Italy!

2010 - IFBBA developed a sponsorship with Trition Boats, Shakespeare, Plueger and Runaway Resort. Also the IFBBA hosted the Special Diversity Black Bass Buddy tournament. IFBBA became partners with Ranger Boats once again in 2010 to 2012.

2011 - The IFBBA and National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) developed a long term relationship to help get more diverse anglers speaking seminar contracts in major boat and sports shows

2012 - The IFBBA developed a long term sponsor/partnership with Bass Pro Shops. Tracker Marine and Nitro Boats.

2013 - the IFBBA developed partnerships with many more small business sponsors. De Mon Givens was appointed new President while Founder and President Arthur Bronson retires.

2014 - IFBBA unveils the new IFBBA 2.0 website to the world, the future of bass fishing is here.